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Teach Your Horse to Kiss You

Teaching your horse to Kiss your cheek is a very simple trick to learn. Follow these easy steps in order. The only equipment needed is your horse’s favorite treat, carrots or apple slices.

Teach your horse kiss you
Teach your horse kiss you

1. Place a treat on your hand and allow the horse to take it.

2. Hold another treat 2 ft. away from him and allow him to step forward and take it.

3. Give the verbal command “kiss” and hold the treat next to your cheek.

4. Repeat step 3 several times. Always be sure to give the verbal command “kiss”.

5. Then, give the verbal command “kiss” – before you offer a treat.

6. Wait for his response. If he does not kiss your cheek, you need to go back and practice step 3. If he does kiss your cheek, reward him instantly with a treat. The first time he does this on his own, offer him tons of praise. Give him many treats and end the lesson at that.

7. Wait 5-15 minutes and start the lesson over at step 5. By repeating the lesson 5-15 minutes later, the horse will learn much faster, and remember it much better.

If you want to teach your horse to kiss you on the lips, you can use the same steps above. However, BE AWARE that he may bite you on accident (or on purpose) while trying to take the treat. It is fairly dangerous to ask any horse to kiss you on the lips, so teach it at your own risk!

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