Horse Riding

Horse Riding – Under Saddle & Safety Articles

Informational articles on horse riding and safety. Includes tips for riders, rider improvement, safety when riding horses, tack, and more.

  • Horse pull on the bits?

    Pulling On The Bit

    Training Question “I have a 8 yr old morgan mare and when ever i try to get her on the…

  • Spook a Horse

    Spook Proofing a Horse

    Training Question: I have a 15yr old QH. Wonderful to work with on the ground, generally quiet under saddle. There…

  • Check Your Bit Fit

    Make Sure Your Horse is Comfortable

    Proper bit fit is necessary in every riding discipline. When a bit does not fit a horse’s mouth properly, bad…

  • Athletic Performance of Racehorses

    Don’t Squeeze the Best Out of Your Horse!

    Current practices for fitting a saddle prior to competition is to tighten the girth to a level that does not…

  • Horse from cutting corners

    Cutting Corners & Rushing

    This is a simple exercise to do every time your horse tries to cut corners, hurry or rush through them.…

  • Forward Movement of Horse

    Forward Movement of Horse

    True Definition of “Forward”: Whole-heartedly. Moving forward giving his best effort. When your horse is just rambling around, he is…

  • Turn On The Haunches

    Turn On The Haunches

    The turn on the haunches will improve your position and will prepare your horse up for the perfect canter departure,…

  • horse Standing Still While Mounting

    Teach horse Standing Still While Mounting

    Many horses resist mounting time because of the fact that it is uncomfortable or painful. If your horse is acting…

  • Rating the Speed of Your Horse

    Rating the Speed of Your Horse

    This article will be to explain my concept of what “rating speed” is, but also to help people understand how…

  • What is horse Collection?

    What is Collection?

    What is Collection: The bringing together of both ends of the horse for the purpose of lifting and lightening the…

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