Horse Riding

Horse Riding – Under Saddle & Safety Articles

Informational articles on horse riding and safety. Includes tips for riders, rider improvement, safety when riding horses, tack, and more.

  • Riding Styles: Bareback

    Riding Styles: Bareback

    WHY RIDE BAREBACK? Riding bareback can be fun and a great learning experience! Since there is no saddle, riding bareback…

  • Riding Styles Reining

    Reining Horse Associations

    Appaloosa Reining Horse Association 8590 W 12th Street Road Juniata, NE 68955 402-751-2252 Arizona Reining Horse Association 28922 N. 53rd…

  • Riding Styles Reining

    Riding Styles: Reining

    THE REINING HORSE Any horse can be taught to do specific reining exercises. However, keep in mind that the conformation…

  • Missing Elements in Riding Instruction

    The Missing Elements in Horse Riding Instruction

    Below, I’ll outline a few missing elements, helpful teaching tips and such to help other riding instructors to enhance their…

  • mounting misbehaviors horses

    Riders Misbehavior in Mounting Horses

    When you mount a horse, the saddle twists on the horse’s back, toward you. This can be very uncomfortable and…

  • Improve Your Mounting

    Improve Your Mounting

    The Mounting Block The mounting block is a very good choice for the rider who would like to reduce stress…

  • The Physics of Mounting

    The Physics of Mounting

    When you are mounting your horse, you create a certain amount of energy in order for your body weight to…

  • Eating Reins and Bit Chewers

    Horse Eating Reins and Bit Chewers

    Training Question When my mare is tied she seems to always need something in her mouth, and if you give…

  • Horse Head Shaking

    Head Shaking

    Training Question I have a question about a mare who is being used in lessons for some of the more…

  • Horse Pulling Bits

    Your Horse Pulling On The Bit

    Training Question I have a 3 1/2 year-old Arab gelding that I purchased about 6 weeks ago. When I’m riding…

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