Horse Health & Care

Horse Health & Horse Care Articles

Informational articles on horse health and care. Includes vital signs and first aid, feeding and parasite control. How to deworm, floating teeth, and more. Breeding and foaling kits and mare care. Healthcare and medical information can be written into articles one day and be outdated by new information the next.

  • Horse Lunging Problems

    Lunging Difficulties

    Training Question I have a nice 12 yr TWH. I bought him a few months ago, and I recently found…

  • Parts Of horse Foot

    Horse’s Foot and Hoof

    Parts of the Horse Hoof and Foot Learn the parts of the horse’s foot and hoof. View the bottom of…

  • Horse Feeding Basics

    Basic Feeding Horses

    Feeding Horses Horses have small stomachs and short intestines, therefore, they cannot handle large amounts of grain at one time.…

  • Stable for Your Horse

    Choosing a Stable for Your Horse

    The majority of horse owners keep their horses in stables. Many of them would like to take care of their…

  • Grooming Tools for Horses

    Horse Grooming & Grooming Tools

    Grooming Tools for Horses Rubber Curry: Usually shaped like an oval or circle, has soft rubber “teeth”. Dandy Brush: Stiff…

  • Equine First Aid Kit Checklist

    Equine First Aid Kit Checklist

    Anyone who owns a horse should own a well-stocked First Aid Kit. Start by buying a plastic bucket that has…

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