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Informational articles on horse health and care. Includes vital signs and first aid, feeding and parasite control. How to deworm, floating teeth, and more. Breeding and foaling kits and mare care. Healthcare and medical information can be written into articles one day and be outdated by new information the next.

  • your horse is eating good hay

    Do you know if your horse is eating good hay?

    The Color of Good Hay Dark Green:┬áThis is the color of well-grown alfalfa. Light-to-Medium Green:┬áThe color of well-stored grass hay.…

  • Horse Vaccination Chart

    Horse Vaccination Chart

    About Vaccines How Do They Work? 1. You inject the horse with an inactivated form of the organism that causes…

  • Equine Recurrent Uveitis (Moon Blindness)

    Equine Recurrent Uveitis (Moon Blindness)

    Equine recurrent uveitis or periodic ophthalmia is a long lasting, painful eye disease that results in inflammation in some of…

  • Navicular Problems in Horses

    Navicular Problems in Horses

    What is Navicular Problems? The most common cause of locomotor lameness in horses is found in the navicular area of…

  • What is Stringhalt in horses

    Stringhalt in Horses: Symptoms and Treatment

    What is Stringhalt? An involuntary flexion of the hock – the leg springs upward in a reflex-like action. What is…

  • Glaucoma in Horses

    Glaucoma in Horses

    Glaucoma in horses is rare If at all, glaucoma will start early in a horse‘s life. However, an older horse…

  • What is rain rot?

    Rain Rot in Horse

    What is rain rot? Rain rot is one of the most common skin infections seen in horses. It is also…

  • Tying-Up in Horses

    Tying-Up in Horses

    What is Tying Up ? The following list contains the possible symptoms of Tying Up. Tying up is usually exercise-related.…

  • horse health what Colic

    The Colic in Horses Fact Sheet

    What is Colic? The term “colic” means only “pain in the abdomen” or “pain in the belly“. There are many…

  • lunging a horse

    Lunging Basics for Youngsters

    Training Question I have an 18 month old colt. I have spent a fair amount of time with him and…

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