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Horse’s Foot and Hoof

Parts of the Horse Hoof and Foot

Learn the parts of the horse’s foot and hoof. View the bottom of the horse’s hoof and the bones and tendons in the foot.

Bottom Of The Horse Hoof

  1. Frog
  2. Bars
  3. Sole
  4. White Line
  5. Hoof Wall
  6. Bulbs
  7. Toe
  8. Quarter
  9. Heel
Parts Of horse Foot
Parts Of horse Foot

Bones In The Horse Foot

  • A. Coffin Bone
  • B. Navicular Bone
  • C. Short Pastern Bone
  • D. Long Pastern Bone
  • E. Sesamoid Bone
  • F. Cannon Bone

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