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Florida horse and livestock feed and hay store directory. Featuring feed stores offering Nutrena, Seminole Feed, Purina, Legends, Southern States, Triple Crown, Lakeland Animal Nutrition, Syfreet, Walpole, Gator Feed, and Forti Sweet horse feed.

Popular types of feed include senior horse feed, beet pulp, rice bran, and sweet horse feed.

horse feed and hay
horse feed and hay

The law requires commercial horse feed manufacturers to put information concerning their feed on a “feed tag,” which is either attached to or printed directly on the bag. This tag provides essential information on what the horse will be eating. Read this informative article from the University of Georgia on How to Feed a Horse.

Horse Hay Supplier | Cattle Hay | Shavings | Bedding

Florida hay stores featuring timothy hay, coastal hay, perennial peanut hay, alfalfa hay, orchard hay, t & a, timothy hay, timothy alfalfa, Tifton 44 and 85, orchard alfalfa, T&O, cattle hay, and straw. Square bales plus round bales are available for coastal, perennial peanut, and alfalfa hay.

Shavings and bedding available in bulk and in bags. Shavings come in large and small sizes as well as pellets that expand to absorb wetness.

Horse Supplies

Many horse feed stores also sell horse supplies such as horse tack, halters, bridles, lead ropes, and other horse needs.

Florida Livestock Feed Stores | Cattle Feed | Poultry Feed

Florida feed stores offer livestock feed including feed for cattle, cows, goats, sheep, llamas, chickens, rabbits, and poultry. Many Florida feed stores also carry livestock and poultry supplements as well as organic animal feed for chickens which is becoming popular.

Livestock Feed Brands

Different feed stores carry different brands so it is a good idea to check with the feed store near you for your brand. Florida feed stores offer Cargill, Land O’ Lakes, Tyson, Alltech, ADM, Perdue, Hi-Pro, Purina, and Southern States for cattle, goats, sheep, and chickens.

Horse Barn and Farm Supply

Florida feed stores offer barn and pasture supplies such as fencing, waterers, feed buckets, muck rakes, fans, and other barn needs.

Pet Store | Dogs | Puppies | Cats | Pets

Most Florida feed stores also carry pet supplies including dog food and cat food, shavings, small animal supplies, and dog beds. The latest trend is towards organic pet foods that have claims of added health benefits for your pets. These stores offer top brand names for dogs and puppies such as Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Purina Pro, and Nutro.

Live Baby Chickens and Pullets

Florida feed stores typically carry baby chicks and pullets, mainly in the spring and summer season. You can find Road Island Reds, Australorps, Leghorns, Plymouth Rock, and Sex-Link chicks to name a few. Check ahead for availability.


Many Florida feed and hay stores offer delivery. Check with your local store to find more about hay and feed delivery services available.

Florida Horse Feed Stores | Ordered by City

AllHay dotcom

Florida Hay Dealer
Round and square bales, Tifton, Bermuda, coastal, bahia, alfalfa, horse and cattle hay.

Florida Horse Hay

Robert Sibbald
Horse hay delivered to Your Florida Location. alfalfa, timothy, orchard/alfalfa mix, timothy/alfalfa mix.

Florida Hay Suppliers List from Florida Department of Agriculture

Directory of Hay Suppliers in Florida as compiled by the Florida Department of Agriculture. Hay suppliers are listed by each county. Call the farming operation directly to confirm availability, days and hours of operation, prices, types and sizes of bales, and transportation requirements.

Many kinds of grasses and legumes are grown in Florida as hay for livestock and horses. Among those are Coastal Bermudagrass, Callie Bermudagrass, Pensacola and Argentine Bahiagrass, Pangola, Alicia, Alyce Clover, Stargrass, Peanut, Perennial Peanut, Oat Hay and Rye Straw, and others.

These can be sold as straight grass, or as a mixture of grasses or legumes. Oats cut when the grain is starting to enter the milk stage make excellent hay. Oat Hay is also very palatable, medium in protein content, and higher in energy than many other types of hay.

Internet Hay Exchange

The Internet Hay exchange is a clearinghouse for hay, shavings, and hay transportation. Buy and sell square and round hay bales. Compare hay prices by the bale or by the ton.

Online Pet Stores

Order Online and Save
You will find a huge selection of discount pet supplies including dog food, cat toys, bedding, cages, and more. Prices are low because all of these stores are competing with each other and you can easily compare prices.

Happy Horse Feed and Hay

2130 King St (520)
Cocoa, FL ,
Cocoa, Florida horse feed and hay. Seminole feed, Alfalfa, Coastal, Timothy, T/A hay. Cocoa, FL horse feed and livestock feed store and round plus square hay bales. Offering horse feed, alfalfa, coastal, and t&a hay bales. Pet store including dog food and treats.

Holloway’s Farm Supply Feed and Hay

Feed, hay, and pet
3036 Land O’Lakes Blvd
Land O’Lakes,, FL , 34639

Full service feed, hay, and pet store in Land O’Lakes, Florida. Carries horse, livestock, goat, and chicken feed from Purina.

Available hay includes Tifton, Coastal, Western Timothy, Western Alfalfa, Peanut, and straw.
Pet store includes sporting dog gear and premium dog good from Taste of the Wild, Diamond Naturals, Specialty Feeds Value Pak, Diamond Grain Free, and more.

Alachua Farm & Lumber Center Feed Store

Feed, hay, and pet
14101 NW 145 Ave
Alachua, FL , 32616

Horse supplies, pet supplies, farm supplies, fencing supplies, boots & apparel, tack, barn supplies, animal health supplies, hay, alfalfa, t&a, timothy, coastal, bales, and rolls.

Feed for cattle, chickens, horses, goats, llamas, monkeys, sheep, swine and waterfowl. For your pets, we stock dog food, cat food, dog beds, and flea treatments.

County Line Feed & Supply Store

Wellington Area Pet Store and Hay
2773 South State Road 7 441
Boynton Beach, FL , 33437
Horse feed and hay store offering Manna Pro and Purina horse feeds, shavings,and equestrian supplies. We also have a complete line of livestock feed for goats, cattle, sheep, swine, exotic animals and chickens.

Check out our ranch and garden supplies.
Pet store for your dog food, puppy food, kitten food, and cat food including Orijen and Victor brands.

Sanders Farm Feed and Hay

Ocala Horse Feed and Horse Tack

5950 SW 6th Place
Ocala, FL , 34474
(352) 873-8660

Ocala horse feed and hay. Alfalfa, Orchard, Coastal, Timothy or a Mix. We Sell By The Bale Or Truckload.
Horse feed from Nutrina Equine Feed, Purina Horse Feed, and Cargill Wrangler Feed. Chicken feed. Utility trailers. Horse tack and western wear.

Newport Hay

Ocala Horse Hay and Feed
Ocala Highway 40 -101 SW 57th Ave
Ocala, FL , 34474
(352) 237-9797

Newport Hay is dedicated to providing the finest quality hay and feed products. We strive to offer competitive prices and excellent customer service in order to earn your business! Featuring Alfalfa, Orchard, Timothy, and Orchard/Alfalfa.
Horse feed brands include ADM, Cavalor, KER, Buckeye Feed, Hallway Feed, and Central States

Sanders Farm Feed and Hay

Ocala Horse Feed and Horse Tack
5950 SW 6th Place
Ocala, FL , 34474
(352) 873-8660

Ocala horse feed and hay. Alfalfa, Orchard, Coastal, Timothy or a Mix. We Sell By The Bale Or Truckload.

Horse feed from Nutrina Equine Feed, Purina Horse Feed, and Cargill Wrangler Feed. Chicken feed. Utility trailers. Horse tack and western wear.

Rick’s Performance Equine Supply

Ocala Feed, Hay, and Pet Store
3200 NW 60th Avenue
Ocala, FL , 34482

Horse and livestock feed plus hay bales for sale. Marion County’s best hay, horse feed, straw & shavings for your horse.

Our pet shop offers a full line of pet supplies including dog food and cat food at great prices.

Amber Acres Feed and Hay

Cocoa Florida Pet Store
1629 King St (520) Cocoa, FL ,
Cocoa, FL feed store and hay supplier. Amber Acres horse, poultry and livestock feed and hay in Cocoa, Florida. Offering horse supplies, fencing, Alfalfa hay, horse hay, pet supplies, shavings, and livestock feed.

Featuring Triple Crown and Mana Pro horse feed. Brand name dog food including Origin, Taste of the Wild, Diamond, Sports Mix, Victor and Evengers.
Baby chicks and pullets available seasonally.

Seminole Stores

Ocala Horse Feed and Pet Store
315 NE Watula Ave
Ocala – Downtown, FL , 34470
(352) 732-4143
Seminole Feed Store in Ocala, FL offers horse feed and hay. Seminole feed is trusted as the No.

1 choice for Olympic medalists, national champion collegiate equestrian teams, world champions in every event and managers of more than 40,000 horses.

Gator Feed

Cow, Cattle, and Horse Feed
1205 Hwy 98 North
Okeechobee, FL , 34972
Gator Feed is an Okeechobee, Florida feed store featuring horse and cattle feed. We make and sell famous Gator horse and livestock feed.

We manufacture all kinds of feed for Heifers, Bulls, Calves, Horses, Pigs, and even Goats.

Tractor Supply Plant City

Order Online – Pick Up at Store
1803 Jim Redman Pkwy
Plant City, FL , 33563
(813) 707-1185
Horse feed, sweet feed, senior feed, mini horse feed, all-grain, oats feed, beet pulp, horse treats, apple, carrot, peppermint, supplements, antibiotics, liniments, wormers, vaccines, hoof care. Nutrena, Purina horse feeds.

Southeast Hay Distrubtors

Florida Feed and Hay
301 Broadway Ave, Suite 205
Riviera Beach, FL , 33411
Horse hay, horse feed, and premium Five Star horse bedding products. Horse feed brands include Tripple Crown, Southern States, Legends, and ManaPro. Offers a complete line of stable supplies including horse supplements, grooming needs, and barn supplies.

Fish Hawk Feed & Pet Supply

Lithia ,Florida Horse Feed and Hay
7015 Lithia Pinecrest Road
Lithia, FL , 33547
Lithia, Florida horse feed, hay and livestock supplies. Horse feeds include Purina, Seminole, Central States. It offers a large selection of horse tack including saddles and bridles.

Horse Tack & More Including Feed and Hay

1635 N. Dale Mabry Highway
Lutz, FL , 33548

Lutz, Florida horse feed and hay featuring Lakeland and Manna Pro Feeds, tack & equestrian supplies.

Tractor Supply Melbourne

Melbourne Feed and Hay
3660 W New Haven Ave
Melbourne, FL ,

Horse feed, livestock feed, senior feed, mini horse feed, all-grain, oats feed, hay bales, hay cubes, beet pulp, horse treats, apple, carrot, peppermint, supplements, antibiotics, liniments, wormers, vaccines, and hoof care. Nutrena and Purina horse and livestock feed. Barn and ranch supplies.
Order online for curbside pickup.

Winter Garden Feed

Feed, Hay, and Pet
49 S. Main St,
Winter Garden, FL , 34787

Winter Garden, Florida horse feed and hay, featuring Seminole Feed, Buckeye, Nutrena, Southeast, and Purina horse feed. Also offering horse supplies, and coastal, alfalfa, orchard, and timothy hay bales.
The pet store offers quality dog food brands such as Taste of The Wild, Diamond, and Victor.


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