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Informational articles on horse health and care. Includes vital signs and first aid, feeding and parasite control. How to deworm, floating teeth, and more. Breeding and foaling kits and mare care. Healthcare and medical information can be written into articles one day and be outdated by new information the next.

  • horse feed and hay

    FL Horse Feed and Hay Stores

    Florida horse and livestock feed and hay store directory. Featuring feed stores offering Nutrena, Seminole Feed, Purina, Legends, Southern States,…

  • Strengthen a Horse's Hind Leg

    How to Strengthen a Horse’s Hind Leg?

    The exercises are to help lengthen and even-out a horse’s stride, which allows him to move more freely. In order…

  • equine Musculoskeletal System

    The Equine Musculoskeletal System

    The horse is an athlete; some are more naturally gifted than others. But the common denominator between them all, is…

  • My Horse Roll

    Why Does My Horse Roll?

    Why does my horse roll? Horses roll for four different reasons: For pleasure, For self maintenance or grooming, to relieve…

  • Basic Vital Signs in Horse's

    Basic Vital Signs in Horse’s

    If you own, ride or handle horses, it is mandatory that you educate yourself of taking care of them. You…

  • Sheath Cleaning

    Horse Sheath Cleaning

    About Sheath Cleaning First, we need to discuss a few things that are necessary prior to cleaning your horse’s sheath.…

  • Equine Dental problems

    Equine Dental Problems

    It is very important to be aware of possible dental problems in horses. By the time you recognize any signs…

  • Equine Dental Exams

    Equine Dental Exams

    What does the exam consist of? Floating: The horse’s teeth are floated using a rasp to remove sharp edges. If…

  • About Teeth of Horses

    A Bit About Teeth of Horses

    0-2 Years Old: Dental check-ups for foals are both necessary and helpful. It will ensure that your foals teeth are…

  • Made Horse Treats

    Healthy Home Made Horse Treats

    Treats Ingredients in Horse 1:  1 carrot 1/2 apple 1 packet instant oatmeal 1/2 cup dry bran 1/4 cup corn…

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