Horse | Beginner Basics

Getting Started with Your Horse

If you have little or no experience with horses, studying the following lessons will be very important to you. These lessons are the “backbone” of your riding education. Learning these basics will help ensure that you become an educated rider.


  • Stable for Your Horse

    Choosing a Stable for Your Horse

    The majority of horse owners keep their horses in stables. Many of them would like to take care of their…

  • Child's First Pony

    Your Child’s First Pony

    Pony Pitfalls Even though you may have had a wonderful experience with your own first pony, you have probably come…

  • horse leasing

    Leasing a Horse

    There are many advantages and disadvantages of leasing a horse. Depending on your particular situation, you can decide whether leasing…

  • Cleaning Protecting Leather

    Cleaning & Protecting Leather

    It is very important to care for your leather items from the first day you buy them. The most important…

  • basics Horse English Saddle

    The English Saddle

    English Saddle Parts Pompel Twist Seat Cantle Panel Skirt Stirrup Bar ( Under the skirt ) Stirrup Iron Saddle Flap…

  • horse Western Saddle

    The Western Saddle

    Western Saddle Parts Horn Swell Seat Cantle Gullet ( Underside ) Concho Latigo Carrier Jockey Fender Rigging Ring Rear Housing…

  • Natural and Trained Horse Gaits

    Horse Gaits

    Most horse breeds possess the 4 natural gaits described below. However, some breeds have a 5th, 6th or 7th gait…

  • Appaloosa Coat Patterns

    Other Horse Colored Breeds

    Appaloosa Coat Patterns The Appaloosa coat pattern is not really a specific color, it is actually a horse breed! Some…

  • Horse Coast Colors Chart

    Horse Coat Colors

    This section is written for the beginner rider who is learning to associate horse color names with the visual color…

  • Basic Equine Terminology

    Basic Horse Terminology

    Adult Horses Terminology MARE – Adult female horse (3 years and older). GELDING – Castrated adult male horse (3 years…

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